Pay influencers in a campaign

After you have added influencers to a campaign, you will be able to move forward with submitting payments. In order to get started, click on the campaign in the Campaigns list on your Dashboard to be taken to the Campaign Details page. From here, you will see the list of all of the influencers that have been added to the campaign along with their payable status.

Influencers with the Onboarded status can be paid out right away.

Influencers with the Pending status have not submitted payment information yet and cannot be paid.

When you click Pay or Pay All, influencers will be notified that their payments have been submitted through the payment method of their choice. Payment processing time will vary depending on the chosen payment method.

Paying Influencers

Influencers can be paid individually or together depending on the method that you choose.

Pay Pay All
  1. On the Campaign Details page, find an influencer with the Onboarded status.
  2. Click on Pay Now under the Action column.
  3. Verify the payment amount and check the box to agree to the payment.
  4. Click Confirm to submit the payment for this influencer.
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