Create a campaign

Creating a campaign marks the first step in the payment process. Campaigns will help you organize your payments and submit them quickly and effortlessly.

Every campaign that you create will require you to enter the Campaign Details in order to help you manage and track your payments. These details include:

  • Campaign Name
  • Total Payouts
  • Campaign Pool Total
  • Start/End Date
  • Origin of Funds
  • Location

When creating your campaign, verify that the Campaign Pool TotalOrigin of Funds and Location are correct. These fields are locked in at campaign creation and cannot be changed later.

The Origin of Funds and Location are used to determine the default tax withholding rate that will be applied for a specific tournament. It is important that these are entered correctly to ensure accurate tax reporting.

Creating a Campaign

  1. From your dashboard, click the + Create Campaign button on your Campaigns list.
  2. Enter the Campaign Details according to the specifications of the tournament that you are hosting.
  3. Once all of the details have been entered, click Save to confirm.
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